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Armed with your personalized healthy diet plan, you will have a framework for success.  All of the tools necessary to make this happen are on the page below.

In Nutrition 101, we learned what is and the benefits of a healthy diet as well as what are nutrients and how each specifically works in our body.

Now its time to elaborate on these concepts.  We all take in the same nutrients - proteins, carbs, and fats - but the proportions in which we do so dictate whether our diet is health-promoting or self destructive.  

Your healthy diet plan will help you re-think of food from a help-or-harm perspective, set general guidelines for you, and introduce best practices to incorporate while gearing up to start your plan.

Food is how we primarily deliver nutrients to our body. Some foods deliver a higher-quality package of nutrients. Others actually take more nutrients out of our body than they provide in the digestion process.  

The foods we eat are based on a number of factors, some of which are in our control and others that are out of our control.  Factors such as convenience, culture, and taste preferences are main influences in the modern diet, but our freedom to eat what we want is limited by availability of certain foods and the price of certain goods.

Healthy Diet Mentor's Food Guide is a vital tool to your success.  Read through it and print it out.  It acts as the bridge between nutrition theory and actual body health.  Understanding food and how it interacts with our body is critical to defining a healthy diet.

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It Starts With the Best Energy Sources for A Healthier Body

Our body's source of energy comes from the macronutrients - protein, carbohydrates, fats & oils - found in food sources.  Despite what popular fad diets propose, our bodies function best when we have a consistent source of all three.  

Not only do we need a balance between these nutrients to promote efficiency but also minimize disease risk and stress on the body.  Unfortunately, no one can be certain about the exact proportions of the modern diet, but a fair argument is that fats, oils, and sugar make up about 60% of the daily caloric intake.

The overwhelming theme of the modern diet in recent years is to increase protein consumption.  Protein serves many vital roles and does contribute to curbing hunger, but there is much more to the story than increasing your daily intake.

We should also consider the complete presence of amino acids, digestibility, and physical activity level in your lifestyle.  Read about High-Quality Protein as part of your Healthy Diet and how to form general intake guidelines based on your physique and lifestyle.

Another characteristic in the modern diet is the strong presence of fats & oils, collectively known as lipids. Over the past two decades, dietary advice and government campaigns have concentrated on making the general public aware of their fat intake.  

However, lipids still account for up to 40% of daily calories consumed.  

It is almost unanimously agreed on that this proportion is unnecessary and too high.  What's really interesting is that with this intake, we still tend to have a shortfall in taking in enough of the fats & oils which are health promoting.  Take a look at how to re-align your intake, and take advantage of Healthy Diet Fats and Oils.

From a biological standpoint, carbohydrates are the ideal form of energy for your body.  Of all the energy-yielding nutrients, they are the easiest and most efficiently broken down into glucose.  The glucose molecule is from where all energy is derived to keep cells, muscles, and organs functioning.  

Whenever we eat, we begin the process of metabolism.  Our body responds by initiating the digestive process and deciding what to do with the energy after the food is broken down.  There are basically two options:  Use the energy, or store the energy.

The glycemic load is a tool that allows us to choose among carbohydrate-rich foods which tell our body to use the energy, as opposed to store it for later use in the form of body fat.  Understanding it will allow us to gain further freedom from calorie counting and our Guide to the Glycemic Load will teach you everything need to know about eating the right carbs.

Should I Incorporate Supplementation into My Healthy Diet Plan?

One of the most unexplained tools used in promoting your healthy diet plan is vitamin supplementation.  We're told by friends, family, and healthcare providers to take vitamins but most people don't know why.  Vitamins, themselves, are still somewhat mysterious in the medical and research communities.  

There is strong understanding of what each looks like at a molecular level and what roles they play in the body.  However, if we can understand the Benefits of Vitamins, then we can begin to see why they are critical to a successful Healthy Diet Plan.  Research, in the meantime, continues to discover how they work together in order to promote better health and at what intake levels are they most effective at preventing disease in our bodies.

Now I Have a Plan, What's the Best Way to Get Started?

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At this point, you should have know more about food groups than ever before, know how to find the best nutrients for your body to operate, and developed personal diet guidelines.  This information is the core of your healthy diet plan.

It's almost time for you to start what you've created.  We're excited for you and want you to succeed!  Our Strategies and Tips for Eating Healthy will help you get started and hit the ground running.  

Anytime you feel discouraged, remind yourself that nothing great in life comes easy, and what could be better than something no amount of money can buy... Your Health!

**As always, feel free to use the navigation below to backtrack and get an overview of Healthy Diet Mentor and our plan to get you on your way to a lifelong healthy diet.

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