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All healthy diet recipes are not created equal.  A common misconception is that food that tastes good can't be healthy.

Fortunately for us, this could not be any farther from the truth.

Our goal is to help you take foods bought in the grocery store using a list made from our Superfoods Page and create delicious dishes that keep you coming back for more.

Let's get cooking...

The people that we surround ourselves around are a key factor in maintaining our diets.  When it comes to healthy diet recipes, we believe this couldn't be more true.  No one knows it all.  Help our community grow and thrive with your slice of heaven on a plate!

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Good Morning:  Breakfast, Cereals, and More...

It is touted as the most important meal of the day... Why?  Your first meal of the day directly influences what and how you eat the rest of the day.  According to the consumer market research group NDP, approximately 31 million people skip breakfast in the United States alone.

When this happens, we effectively enter starvation mode, signaling our body to store calories rather than burn them for energy.  Not only does this create issues with our physical healthy, but our mood and overall temperament are subject to swings when we starve ourselves of breakfast.

If time is the issue, our healthy diet recipes are quick to prepare and can be taken on the go if needed.  On the other hand, some people claim that they are simply not hungry in the morning.  A great strategy to start off the morning is with a large glass of water when you wake up, and a favorite juice to get the nutrients to start your day right!

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Snacking Isn't Bad:  It Gets You From Point A to Point B.

Snacks are meals between your meals.  Do you need to eat six exactly equal meals at set intervals to be healthy?  Absolutely not, that is extreme.  Healthy Diet Mentor advocates balance.  In this case, snacks keep your blood sugars level, mood positive, and temperament intact.  

Our healthy diet recipes include a wide variety of snacks that are sure to please your taste buds while providing necessary nutrients for wellness of body and mind.

Juicing:  The Most Important Nutritional Tool of the Century.

Every legitimate health professional in the world agrees the human body can benefit from increasing intake of fruits and vegetables.  The easiest way, especially if daily intake of these food groups is low, is juicing.  

Our juicing recipes are packed with nutrition without sacrificing taste.  If you've never tried juicing, don't be deceived.  It can be absolutely delicious!  The trick is finding the ingredients and combinations that appeal to your individual tastes and preferences.  We guarantee there is something out there that will become your go-to. 

Salads Demystified:  (Hint... They Don't Have to Be Green)

Don't paint yourself into a corner here.  The traditional salad is great for you, depending on how you dress it.  At the same time, have an open mind with the endless possibilities of salads.  

A salad is simply something that is prepared as a mixture of various ingredients to form a new food that can be used as a meal, side dish, or snack.  Salads can be hot or cold, vegetarian or meat-based, salty or sweet.  

Many salads have procured particular names, but many more continue nameless.  Get some ideas from our collection of healthy diet recipes and create your own to share with the community.

Condiments, Dressings, and Butters Made From Scratch... Awesome!

This is perhaps the most underrated section on our page of healthy diet recipes.  These items were on the first to become processed in food manufacturing industry and to this day have a strong presence in our minds are essential items to be bought from a store.  

In fact, these are some of the easiest and most delicious things to craft in the kitchen!  Nothing is better than a fresh condiment to put on your sandwich or dressing for a salad.  Learn more on how to make it below with healthy diet recipes.

All Things Animal:  From Farm and Sea to Your Table.

Meat is our chief source of protein in the modern diet.  Our healthy diet recipes look to capitalize on this notion by providing delicious meals that use lean cuts and incorporate other food groups from the Daily Food Guide. 

From Vegetarian and Vegan... And Everything In Between.

People choose to eliminate meat from their diet for all types of reasons.  Is it necessary to have a healthy diet?  We don't think so, but incorporating vegetarian meals, days, or periods into your lifestyle can be detoxing and beneficial to your lifestyle.

Our healthy diet recipes are meant to taste great, be filling, but also keep you light on your feet.  

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